Save Time Across the Spectrum of Business Valuation Activities

IBISWorld’s comprehensive collection of reports cuts hours from project research.

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    Our clients tell us that IBISWorld saves them four to five hours when compiling the industry information section of a valuation.

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    Our reports can allow you to save one to two days on niche industries.

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    Spend less time researching and be sure you have the most accurate and relevant information.

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    Quicker access to information means quicker turnaround, which means you can produce more valuations. Each report addresses 6 of the 14 factors affecting the value of a business. Access archived reports to examine past industry conditions.

Grow Revenue and Credibility
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    Find and win new business and deliver client-relevant messaging to strengthen existing relationships.

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    Whether completing a valuation to buy or sell a company for an ESOP, a fairness opinion, or for litigation, IBISWorld’s 400+ UK Industry Reports equip you with the data and analysis to make more accurate valuations, faster.

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    Lawyers, business brokers, private equity firms, consultants and others will discover that you can excel in any industry leading to more word-of-mouth referrals.

Additional Products

In addition to our library of UK Industry Reports, we continue to expand our international collection with Global, US, Australia, Canada and China Industry Reports.

We also offer our exclusive Brexit Impact Statements to help you understand the short- and long-term effects of the UK’s exit from the European Union.

Businesses find IBISWorld’s Risk Rating Reports helpful. They provide a numerical score to help you immediately understand the opportunities or threats relevant to an industry.

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Download a PDF summary, which highlights how business valuation professionals use IBISWorld industry research to save time on first-stage resource, find accurate analysis and quickly address 6 of the 14 factors affecting business valuations.

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