Consulting firms need to have a deep understanding of many industries. IBISWorld industry research can help you save time when learning about a prospect or client:

  • (a)

    Understand the total size of the market for a product or service, its substitutes, the industry’s supply chain networks and international trade data and globalisation trends.

  • (b)

    Learn who makes purchasing decisions, why they buy and what they spend on. The reports pay close attention to external variables that affect customer choices.

  • (c)

    Evaluate the competitive landscape and climate of an industry and identify opportunities for revenue and profit growth for each customer.

Our consulting clients also use IBISWorld research to grow revenue and reduce risk by:

  • (a)

    Identifying industries that are growing or declining quickly, facing company consolidation, or experiencing changing regulations, globalisation or technology, as companies in these industries often need consulting services.

  • (b)

    Using IBISWorld’s accurate data and proven analysis to support your research and presentations.

  • (c)

    Determining the potential risks prior to accepting a client engagement with our Risk Rating Reports.

Additional Products

In addition to our library of UK Industry Reports, we continue to expand our international collection with Global, US, Australia, Canada and China Industry Reports.

We also offer our exclusive Brexit Impact Statements to help you understand the short- and long-term effects of the UK’s exit from the European Union.

Businesses find IBISWorld’s Risk Rating Reports helpful. They provide a numerical score to help you immediately understand the opportunities or threats relevant to an industry.

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Download a PDF summary, which highlights how you can use our research to better understand your clients’ products, customers and competitors and further develop your business.

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