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The UK’s richest source of business and industry information

Founded in 1971, IBISWorld provides comprehensive, independent and current research that our members consider invaluable. A team of expert analysts research economic, demographic and government data, saving you significant time and money. Your organisation will gain beneficial insights into UK industries and their key business environment indicators, so you can make better business decisions, faster.

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Industry Research Reports

Clients use IBISWorld Industry Reports to understand market size, assess competitors, draft business plans and pitch books, make forecasts, perform due diligence and more. We offer flexible membership options to suit any organisation.

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Why IBISWorld?

IBISWorld research is independent and unbiased. It is based strictly on facts and neutral resources.

Our demanding quality control processes ensure that all analysis and data is carefully examined and cross-checked.

The breadth of our collection is unmatched and is applicable across many roles, functions and organisations.

IBISWorld's Clients

We serve thousands of clients around the world, from FTSE 100 companies to sole proprietorships.